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I offer a complimentary 20 minute discovery call to discuss your health challenges and what you are hoping to achieve by working with me. I will outline if and how I can help, and recommend a support package suitable to your needs.  
This call is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have before committing to the process, and it is a good way to ensure we are the right fit for each other. 
Feel free to reach out via email if you are more comfortable doing so. 
Due to the complex nature of the clients I work with, I now only offer treatment packages, a 3 and a 6 month package. 
I have found I achieve the best outcome working with clients who are committed to a series of appointments over a period of time. Knowing when your next session is coming helps you stay on course and achieve the best results.  
Working in this way also allows us to build a relationship, where I am invested in you as much as you are invested in your health. 
And the truth is, it likely took you years to get sick and I cannot help you in one session. 
Because I mostly work with people with complex health issues, I invest the time that is needed outside of your appointments to really immerse myself in your case, researching and learning as much as I can about you. I do not take on more clients than I can manage at any one time. 
I am not one of these practitioners who have clients back to back all day every day and forget about you the moment your session is over. For these reasons, I only work with people who are truly committed to getting better and ready to put in the work and effort. 
90 minute initial consultation 
Follow appointments (1 hour long) every 4 to 6 weeks  
(Optional) 30min telephone call in between each appointment to monitor progress, tweak your plan if necessary and answer questions 
In-depth health assessment taking into consideration your symptoms, current and past medical history, family history, lifestyle, diet and your environment, and how they may be contributing to your symptom picture and disease. 
Review of any previous and relevant blood work and test reports. 
Review of drug/supplement interactions and drug/nutrient depletions. 
A written bespoke plan including diet and lifestyle recommendations discussed during your session, plus supplements (where appropriate) and educational handouts/ recipes to guide and support you 
Access and recommendation of laboratory tests (through the NHS and/or private functional testing), plus interpretation of results 
10% off supplements purchased at the Natural Dispensary UK. 
My approach focuses on food and lifestyle first. I also use nutritional supplements where appropriate and may refer you back to your GP for specific blood tests or suggest functional tests through private laboratories.  
Examples of functional tests that I often use in my practice include comprehensive stool tests (looking at the gut microbiome, inflammation, digestion), SIBO, hormones, thyroid, autoimmune and food reactivity/allergy panels, nutrient status etc... These tests are run by private labs, but there is absolutely no pressure for you to embark on private testing. 
From experience, testing can enable me to gain a deeper level of understanding about you and allow me to make more specific and targeted recommendations.  
I am however passionate about making my services accessible for all, which is why I do my best to offer the most cost-effective plan and only recommend supplements and testing where I feel absolutely essential. 
Online Clinic 
via video or telephone call 
The Maple Leaf Clinic 
20 The Green 
TW2 5AB, London 
My clinic is now mostly operating online, so I can work with clients throughout the UK and internationally.  
Online Clinic 
via video or telephone call 
Maple Leaf Clinic 
20 The Green 
TW2 5AB, London 
My clinic is now mostly operating online, so I can work with clients throughout the UK and internationally. I do have some limited availability for face-to-face appointments from my clinic in Twickenham shall you need to be seen in person for your first appointment. 
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